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If you are suffering from infertility, you have likely found our website through your search for a fertility specialist. In caring for women facing fertility challenges each and every day, we know how overwhelming it can feel to navigate the mounds of information contained on fertility clinic websites. We also understand how important it is for you to find a fertility expert who truly listens to your personal feelings and desires, and who sincerely cares about what you are experiencing.

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The West Coast Women’s Reproductive Center is a team of experienced and caring women who are not only highly skilled in the use of the latest advancements in fertility treatment options, but who also care about the whole you – and not just your fertility diagnosis and treatment(s).

Our Promise to You

Our founder, fertility doctor Dr. Tina Koopersmith, created the West Coast Women’s Reproductive Center to practice the kind of medicine she believes in. This approach is based on our entire team learning all about you, so that we can effectively customize a fertility treatment plan that not only best suits your medical needs, but also responds to your personal wishes.

This is why we always encourage our patients to put their worries aside – "Together we’ll find a way" is our promise to you.

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Infertility Diagnosis and Treatment

  • Who Experiences Infertility?
    • Infertility affects approximately 15% of the population. It is one of the most difficult challenges a couple or individual will ever have to go through. There are many causes whose incidence varies across populations.

      Approximately 35% of infertility cases are attributable to the female partner alone, 20% to the male partner, and 35% to both the male and female partners. A complete fertility evaluation will assess both.

  • Fertility Testing & Diagnosis
    • Depending on your age and the length of time you’ve been trying to conceive, you may need advanced fertility testing. Our fertility experts will provide you with easy to understand explanations about each procedure, in order for you to fully understand the fertility testing options available to you. LEARN MORE About Fertility Testing

  • IVF - In Vitro Fertilization
    • IVF is one of the most effective ways to treat infertility. While all fertility doctors go through the same IVF treatment steps, the medical team at the West Coast Women’s Reproductive Center does not take a cookie-cutter approach to IVF. Rather, our fertility experts work closely with you to map out a customized IVF treatment plan that is tailored to your specific circumstances. LEARN MORE About IVF

  • Fertility Preservation
    • Egg freezing is an insurance policy for women who need to, or prefer to, delay having children. Egg freezing enables a woman to have a much higher chance of conceiving in later years should she not be able to conceive naturally when she wants to. Through vitrification (flash-freezing) eggs are quite literally frozen in time, giving a woman in her early 40s a similar chance of conceiving as when she was younger and chose to freeze her eggs. LEARN MORE About Fertility Preservation

Together We'll Find A Way

If you are struggling with fertility challenges and would like to speak with one of our fertility experts to discuss your personal circumstances, as well as to learn more about your infertility treatment options, please contact the West Coast Women's Reproductive Center at 818-986-1648 or make an appointment.

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Wellness Classes

Due to covid-19, West Coast Women's Reproductive Center is unable to offer in-person classes, so we would like to provide our favorite online classes and teachers!

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Wellness and Fertility Coaching and Workshops

Whether you are seeking to boost your fertility, improve your wellness, or connect more deeply with yourself and your partner – Join Dr. Tina Koopersmith for private coaching, group coaching, and other workshops and events!

West Coast Women's Reproductive Center Reviews

Dr. Koopersmith is one of the kindest and most caring doctors I have visited. My mother has been a patient of hers since I was born and now she is my OB. She takes the time to listen and and advocates for you when there is something wrong. In one of our annual visits, she walked me through a technique to help me overcome some childhood trauma that was heavily impacting my life. I have seen more than 5 therapists in my life and Dr. Koopersmith helped me more in that hour than any therapist ever.
Soraya Esfandiari
Dr. Koopersmith was highly recommended to my daughter by another physician (and family friend) for some reproductive health issues. After attending a couple of appts with my daughter, I was very impressed with the way Dr. Koop looked deeper into not only her physical issues at hand, but looked at her on a holistic level as well. Up until that point, I had never seen a doctor who looked so deeply into the whole person. Usually, it’s “this is your illness and here are your meds”. She spent a great deal of time (maybe about an hour) at each appointment from the issue at hand, to her digestion, to even stress reduction. Anyway, I was so impressed that I decided to give Dr. Koopersmith a try for myself, and I am very pleased with the depth of care I receive. She knows a lot about a lot (including nutrition, movement, and stress reduction) and since she seems to me to be a lifelong learner, she is continually expanding her knowledge with the latest scientific discoveries (some doctors just keep doing the same thing they learned in medical school decades earlier).I recently learned that Dr. Koopersmith is also certified in Functional Medicine, which in a nutshell trains doctors to look for the root causes of their health issues (one would think medical school would teach that, but sadly they don't...yet). She spends a great amount of time getting to know her patients and giving them plenty of tools to work with to get them on the road to optimal health. I have come a long way and I continue to improve.Additionally, I absolutely LOVE Dr. Koopersmith’s “Flip your Mindset” weekly zoom class. This is exactly what I needed to round out my healing journey. I ALWAYS come away from her class with at least one new tool, but usually with several to help me on this journey of self-discovery and healing. I have enjoyed getting to know the other women in the class…viewing life’s challenges in a new, positive, and healthier way, and… I have enjoyed experiencing Dr. Koop as a coach as well as a physician. She’s brilliant at both. I’m very grateful for having Dr. Koopersmith in my life.
Sue Brian
I have been seeing Dr. Koopersmith for years. She is wise, professional, endearing. She’s a great doctor who cares about me and is straightforward with her advise with all things considered and not trying give extra treatments but what’s genuinely good for me. Her staff are all courteous, sweet, and professional. She also has an annual text service. I’d definitely recommend her services to ladies.
Diya Fu Coppinger
Dr. Koopersmith was easy to communicate with,caring, thorough, direct and honest. She was able to quickly pin point my fertility issues, address them and fix them. Test results were given to me quickly and her office staff was nothing but kind. I now have a baby boy and a heap of gratitude for her and her office!
Amy Govea
I love Dr.Koopersmith she's so professional and very straight forward with you. She makes the impossible possible, thanks to her I have healthy beautiful babies. Her staff was awesome and very helpful.
Gab’s C
Dr. Koopersmith is an excellent doctor. She is extremely knowledgeable and did an excellent job answering all of my questions. Additionally, she is highly educated as she graduated from Duke University and also graduated from Duke University School of Medicine. I highly recommend her.
Jarrett Schreck
Dr. Koopersmith is by far one of the most thorough and intelligent Gynos around. In the years I have gone to her she found 2 uterine cysts and surgically removed them and helped to treat my thyroid so that I could try to get pregnant. I did get pregnant and she leveled my progesterone and caught a UTI in my early stages of pregnancy. I had a beautiful baby girl in July! And when I ended up coming down with mastitis during breast feeding, Dr. Koopersmith took care of that too!She took every symptom I have had very seriously and never blows you off. She really takes care of you. I cannot recommend her any higher. She is truly fantastic and I completely trust her as my doctor.
Lyndie Monarch
Dr. Koopersmith's professionalism, clarity, follow-up, and caring human touch, are the best I have ever seen and have long since become the standard by which I rate all medical practitioners.Her punctuality constantly reassures me that I am not just an object endlessly waiting for a doctor that values his or her time more than mine - but a fellow human being always treated with great respect and kindness.
mariangela hall
I was referred to Dr. K by my primary care physician at a time in my journey when there were both physical and personal issues going on. She not only took the time to discuss my health issues, but also my life issues. Her professional skill as an OB/GYN is unequaled, and her personal skill is both direct and compassionate. In other words, she actually listens to what you say to her, whether it concerns your body or your feelings. As a woman in my early 50s, I can honestly say that she is the best OB/GYN I have ever had.
Dawn Kallevig
I have been with Dr. Koopersmith for years. When I found her, I had been having abdomen pain, with numerous monthly cycle complications. Dr. Koop found the problem and corrected it immediately. She takes great care of my health and addresses all my questions and takes time to get to know you and your needs.I can highly recommend Dr. Koop. She is amazing. I give her 5 stars :)
Cindy Deaver
Dr. Koopersmith is the best fertility doc on the planet. I felt that way even before she helped me get my two miracles! You see I am about as fertile as death valley! She and God somehow got me pregnant! She went above and beyond as things went wrong. At some of the hardest times in my life Dr. Koopersmith was in the trenches with me. She is good. I went to many Fertility specialists before I was referred to her and I honestly feel that I knew more then most of them! She will tell you the truth and be honest with you. I love the frankness. You want someone that will really tell you the things about your fertility that are good and bad. Don't be put off because she is direct. She knows her stuff! She does things the right way. She works with the best labs. You have to do it all right so you have no regrets. How can I say enough for the woman who brought me the greatest joys of my life. Even if it hadn't worked out for me though--- she is the best at this! She is accessible. Her office is busy because she is so good. You don't want to go to the office that is always empty. There is a reason she is busy. I can't say an 1/8 of what I feel! You would be foolish to trust your future babies with anyone else! I wasted years with the wrong fertility specialists. Precious years! How many cycles! Arg! Don't do as I did. Go to the best first.
Angie Nelson
I love coming to Dr. Koopersmith's office. The whole staff is very friendly especially Martha and Maria, and I am always seen within 5 minutes of my appointment time. Dr. Koopersmith is super warm and always does a comprehensive work up on EVERY call. She is very knowledgeable about new things in gynecology and in women's cancer. She is passionate about preventing cancer and is up on all the literature. It is obvious that she truly cares about her patients. She has also made GREAT recommendations about seeing other physicians (pulmonary, gastrointestinal etc). Also, if I forget to ask Dr. Koopersmith a question, I will call the office and she calls me back. When I have problems over the weekend, I have called Dr. Koopersmith and she has called back on more than one occasion. If I am out of town or it is the weekend, and it is warranted, Dr. Koopersmith will call in a prescription. I never feel like I am bothering the office and they are always happy to help. I am so thankful that I found Dr. Koopersmith!!
Stacy Friedman
The best doctor I have ever had, and she is the reason I have never switched to Kaiser for insurance in the 10 plus years I have been her patient. She is up to date with all the new research for testing and care. I find her to be caring and concerned for my well being at every visit. I also love the staff in her office.
Deanne Nystrom
I have to totally disagree with the previous review. Yes Dr Koopersmith does not have the warmest bedside manner but she is an true professional. Her staff when above and beyond to help me get pregnant and was always there to answer my questions. Most importantly she was able to help me convince my beautiful daughter through IUI who is now 5 years old. I will be forever grateful to Dr Koopersmith and her amazing staff!
Leanne Schuetz
We have been visiting Dr. Tina Koopersmith for the past 2 years. She is not your regular doctor that asks a ton of meaningless questions and gives you useless advice that Google can tell you. She does not beat around the bush either. She is straight to the point, comfortable or not rather than try and sugarcoat things. Of course, when we had a miscarriage, she did take the effort and time to talk to us and put a positive spin on things.I am not sure what is the deal with the other reviewer, but our experience with their front office staff has been very good and efficient, like the doctor. Martha is detail-oriented, and has a personal touch with almost all patients. When I called her after 9 months to tell her about our baby, she remembered us by name and was genuinely happy for us. The new billing lady, however, is a bit off the mark. Luckily, we did not have to deal with her much; Susana was extremely efficient at it. As for wait-time, most of our appointments were early in the morning, and on ~80% of them, the doctor was on time.The nurses over there were very good too They know when to give you an encouraging nudge and when to stay out of your way. That is a huge plus given the varying degree of emotions of patients who see the doctor.There was also one time that we saw Dr. Melanie Landay, her partner. She is fantastic as well. She saw us one time, and remembered us every other time that she saw us and even recommended us other doctors when we had to move to regular obgyns.
Vikram Raj
To schedule an appointment call the West Coast Women's Reproductive Center at 818-986-1648 or make an appointment.